12 Affirmations



Peace 21 at June.21., September.21. and December.21 at 19.00 pm
light a candle and pray for peace
Every Year on December 31 at 12:00 Noon GMT (13:00 in Germany)
And on the last day of each month
This meditation was instigated by John Randolph Price in 1986. Since then Millions of People have participated every year.
Please join this worldwide meditation. We can build up an immense Energy field for Peace on Earth.

You may contact John R. Price at and receive the complete text of the meditation.

You will also find the text in my book: "A complete Book of REIKI Healing"
A recorded version is available in German Language on tape or CD. "Welt-Heilungs-Meditation" Price: 14,00 EUR
On March 21, June 21, September 21, December 21 each year at 7:PM Local Time
This Meditation was instigated by Peace 21 in Canada.
Send out Peace, Light and Love!
Every day at 12:00 Noon meditate for one minute on PEACE!
at 6:00 PM each SUNDAY
Visualize holding the Earth in your hands. If you have the 2nd Degree REIKI send Distant Healing.
Changing from a double-helix to a 3 to 12-fold helix.
Information from the internet:
The "Giant Rock" at Joshuatree in California, one of the largest boulders in the world split on February 21, 2000.
A slice of the rock fell off exposing a gleaming white granite interior. It has been honored by the Indians as a "holy stone".
An Indian chief prophesied the day, on which the "mother" will open up for the "embrace of the human being". It is the time for the spiritual awakening of the Divine Feminine within us.

By the splitting of the giant rock many people believe that the prophecy has been fulfilled. A shaman women, Shri Naath Devi meditated and prayed with other healers on February 20, 2000 directly at the rock.
She said that if the prayers would be heard and adopted, a piece of the giant rock would fall off. The fact that the rock hat not moved for millions of years made the likelihood of such a change remote. But the next morning a third of the rock had fallen straight forward into the desert sand.
Shri Naath Devi said, that the "mother" had opened up her heart, so the whole world could see.
While they were standing in her kitchen and discussed the phenomenon a lightening struck, sending a ball of Light through the center of the house in a north/south direction
Within moments lightening struck again in an east/west direction. This was witnessed by four people.
More information on the event at :

Four years ago, on April 23rd, 1998, hundreds of thousands of people in over eighty countries stopped to "Pray Peace" for ten minutes.
The goal was to show scientifically what the mystics and sages have always said, that a focused, feeling-based prayer is the most powerful force in the universe.

James Twyman, one of the sponsors of the vigil, was at the United Nations in New York with nearly forty ambassadors when the vigil took place.
Minutes before it began a woman stepped into the center of the circle and said these words:
    "Four years, four months, four weeks and four days ago a group of Hopi elders came to the UN to give their vision of the New World.
    One of the things they said was: Four years, four months, four weeks and four days from now,something would happen at the UN that would change the world.This is the day these great people prophesied."
Now, two years later, at the break of a new millennium, it is time to repeat the same Great Experiment. And just as two years ago, there will be a link to the United Nations

"The Cloth of Many Colors Project" is a way for millions of people to make a tangible contribution to world peace, initiating the New World. This year the Great Experiment will be combined with the Cloth project creating a simple yet powerful way to welcome a new era of peace.
Mystics and saints throughout the ages have told us that it doesn't take a large percentage of the population to change the world. In fact, all that is required is one-tenth of one percent, roughly five million people, who are willing to focus on PEACE.

Here´s the questions:

As we enter this new millenium, we stand at the brink of an incredible opportunity. Imagine a yearlong pilgrimage of five million people traveling the globe bearing witness to this new peace.

Are you one of those five million people?
Are you willing to commit yourself to transforming the world of hatred and fear to the reality of compassion and love?

"Cloth of Many Colors Peace Project"

aJames Twyman
"The Peace Troubadour"

17. August - 22. August 2002 Worldcongress of Enlightment in Washington DC., USA