What is Reiki?
1. Reiki-Degree
2. Reiki-Degree


Brigitte Mueller

1st Degree REIKI
To become a REIKI Channel, all one needs is the desire to learn and the commitment to use REIKI.

The First Degree Course is taught personally by an authorized REIKI Master/Teacher during a weekend class or on 4 consecutive days.
There are four initiations given directly by the Master which reopen and attune the students to their inner healing channels.
It is not possible to learn REIKI through books, tapes, videos or internet. The direct contact from the Master to the student is absolutely necessary.

All of the basic hand positions for treatments are taught and there is ample time devoted to practicing these positions in the class.

You will experience a higher energy level, greater psychic and intuitive awareness, the body energies will be balanced, the chakras harmonized The channeling of such a loving, healing energy is a truly uplifting and empowering experience. One’s life will change bringing an acceleration of mental and physical healing and spiritual growth.

An Important Notice:
Lately I receive more and more telephone calls and letters from people who went to a Reiki seminar and who did not experience any change of energy in their hands or did not have the benefit of any healing process.
Quite to the contrary these people complained that they feel worse and did not experience anything that my book "REIKI HEALING" describes.

After some of these people came into my class and got re-initiated into first or second degree they confirmed that they really feel Reiki in their hands, that it was quite different than before and that the healing process got started.
It is very important from which Reiki Master/Teacher one receives the initiation. This is why I want to call your attention to the following:

In the last years, a lot of people got initated as Reiki Masters in crash-courses and at "sales-prices" in a very short time, without following the traditional path of training.
The system got diluted and abused. Reiki has been handed down as an Oral Tradition.
That means that a competent energy transfer can only take place through a direct contact with a living Reiki Master/Teacher who has been initated in that lineage.
The Reiki Energy cannot be transferred through books, videos, tapes or internet. Grandmaster Hawayo Takata used to say: "Those who use Reiki unethically will loose it.” This seems to be confirmed now .

Please use discernment when you are looking for a REIKI Master/Teacher.
Ask for the lineage of Masters, how long has the Master practiced 1st, 2nd Degree and Master Degree, and by whom was the Master initiated.

In general, a student who wants to become a Master should have at least three years of experience in practicing the 1st and 2nd Degree, and should have had the training with a Master for about one year before being initated as Master himself.
The individualized teaching over a longer period of time is necessary, not only for the learning, but to also allow the process of self-assessment, healing and soul growth to take place.
The newly initiated Master should have about six years teaching experience as a Master, before he takes on the great responsibility to guide other students to Mastership.

This will support you in choosing your Reiki Master/Teacher, so that you shall really receive the "gift of healing hands".