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Brigitte Mueller
Initiation into the 1st Degree REIKI

The Seminarplan Reiki 1.Degree .

The 1st Degree is given during a weekend or on four consecutive days or evenings, in sessions lasting three to four hours each. Sometimes it will also be given during a holiday workshop.
During the workshop, the Reiki Master/Teacher undertakes four initiations or "power transmissions”. These will open the inner healing channels of the students. Each initiation is a blessing and a healing.
What happens is a kind of a cleansing on all levels, affecting the body, mind and soul, and raising the vibrational frequency of all participants. Blocks and toxins are released, and healing is encouraged.
The transmission of energy may also cause self-healing reactions which will mostly cease after the workshop.

You will receive the basic training and hand positions to give yourself Reiki.
After the first initiation the students feel the flow of Reiki and learn to exchange the universal life energy with other members of the workshop.
Reiki flows depending on the need of the receiver, who takes as much as is needed. You feel clearly that you only act as a channel and that your own energy is not depleted.
On the contrary, you are being charged simultaneously and self healing is taking place. The flow of this loving, healing, gentle and powerful energy is an uplifting experience.

Reiki will change your life, and accelerate your mental and physical healing as well as your spiritual growth, so you will clearly feel the connection with your inner self and will touch yourself with love.

Because of this you will be in harmony and peace with yourself and with the world. Reiki also helps you to have the courage to change those things in your life that you want to change. By the end of the workshop you have received the "gift of the healing hands”. Every person heals themselves! Now you have the tools to do so.
Take responsibility for yourself, change your thoughts and behavior according to the "Spiritual Precepts” and you will become a new human being with much more joy in life.

The Seminarplan Reiki 1.Degree .