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Brigitte Mueller
Initation into the 2nd Degree REIKI

The Seminarplan REIKI-2.Degree .

Traditionally the USUI System of Reiki is taught in two Degrees. When you have completed the first degree and have used Reiki actively in your life, then you can deepen your connection with Reiki and to your own spiritual growth through the initiation into the 2nd Degree.
At least three months should pass between the initiations of the 1st and the 2nd Degree.
Only in exceptional cases can one receive the 2nd Degree earlier. You should feel within yourself when the time is right to receive the 2nd Degree, as there will be much movement on many levels and in different areas. Be ready for further change in your life.

The 2nd Degree is called OKU DEN, or "deeper knowledge”, and is a psychic opening. It will especially act on the subtle bodies, your intuition and your healing ability will expand.
With your initiation, you receive the secret and sacred symbols and the specific mantras.
These are solely for the use of the students initiated into the 2nd Degree. Using them is a great responsibility.

The healing powers are greatly enhanced through the initiation into the 2nd Degree and you learn to use the symbols to give mental and distant healing, independently from space and time.

Mental healing means that you are now able to connect yourself with the subconscious/superconsciousness or your higher self and initiate healing through the spirit, for instance in cases of depression, sleeplessness, nervous breakdown and addictions.
You can also use mental healing on yourself to change rigid patterns of behavior into new constructive ones.

You become aware that you are responsible for your life and that you are the Master of your Life and your circumstances.
We are all on the way to mastering ourselves, whether it is conscious or not, and we need to learn to use our energies wisely.

Whatever we send out returns to us multiplied (The Law of the Circle). If you send out much joy and love, it will return manifold. Thus we must take responsibility for the enhanced energy that we possess after the 2nd Degree initiation.

The Seminarplan REIKI-2.Degree .